West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyers & Palm Beach County Divorce Information

The Bruce Law Firm has offices in West Palm Beach and in Wellington. Our divorce lawyers exclusively limit their practice to handling Divorce & Family Law cases in Palm Beach County and surrounding South Florida areas.

Typically, when our West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyers or Wellington Divorce Attorneys are involved in a case there is the need to confront a difficult or intimidating person, an important long-term support claim, a business valuation or asset tracing issue, or a serious issue involving children.

We represent men and women. However, we focus our practice on helping our female clients through divorces from controlling, manipulative, and narcissistic type husbands. These cases are exceptionally challenging on multiple levels. We strive to take on these representations because we know our female clients will have a dramatically improved and transformed-for-the-better life once their divorce is over.

Knowing that we are the lead on facilitating this type of life transformation for our clients clients is exceptionally rewarding.  It is what motivates us to each day to continue immersing ourselves in our law practice.

West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer Christopher R. Bruce designed this website to give you the ability to give you as much Florida Divorce Information as possible.  If you are contemplating a divorce from a difficult person, we encourage you to take the time to learn about Florida’s divorce laws and the Florida divorce process before going any further. 

The resources on our website, including our videos, free divorce books, divorce strategy guide, and guide on divorcing a controlling husband/narcissist should give you an excellent start (and help you feel more at ease).

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