Jason Naparstek

Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Jason Naparstek Family Law Attorney

Jason Naparstek has been practicing Marital and Family Law since 2009. He has assisted many individuals in matters related to dissolution of marriage, paternity, child custody, parenting, child support, alimony, modifications, enforcement, distribution of property, domestic injunctions, relocation, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, grandparents rights, juvenile dependency and step-parent adoptions. He has experience navigating through complex issues. 

Immediately prior to joining the Bruce Law Firm, Jason practiced Marital and Family Law as a partner at a local law firm in Palm Beach County for five years.  

Jason is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.  Serving as a mediator provides him with the opportunity to assist parties in a different capacity, where the parties have an opportunity to amicably resolve the issues of their dispute.  

He enjoys being a neutral and impartial facilitator in a process that allows the parties to make decisions about their own lives and family, which helps to reduce the additional stress, time and cost of litigation. 

 He believes mediation offers parties the ability to truly maintain a more positive relationship and outlook when they work together to create solutions for the circumstances of their family matter. 

Having participated in a significant number of mediations throughout his career as a lawyer and as a mediator, Jason has a deep understanding of the process.  This experience provides him with the ability to assist clients in negotiating agreements and reaching favorable settlements.

Jason has spent his entire legal career helping individuals through challenging and uncertain times in their lives, and continues to do so at the Bruce Law Firm. 

Prior to becoming a member of The Florida Bar in 2009, Jason received his Bachelor’s Degree (Finance) from the University of Florida. He graduated with honors and a 4.0 GPA.  He then obtained his J.D. from Florida State University College of Law, with honors.