Divorce Consultation & Strategy Session

A Divorce Consultation & Strategy Session is for those contemplating divorce. You can schedule the session online by clicking this link.

During the Divorce Consultation & Strategy Session, one of our divorce lawyers will personally advise you as to the specifics of how to have the Best Divorce possible so that you can move on to living the life you desire and deserve.

Through the Divorce Consultation & Strategy Session, you will:

  1. Understand how to prepare yourself for the divorce process;
  2. Understand the best way to handle your spouse, children, and friends/family during your divorce;
  3. Learn how the law applies to your situation;
  4. Get an explanation of “what will happen” and “when it will happen” during your divorce;
  5. Start developing a personalized strategy designed for resolving your divorce on fair terms as soon as possible; and
  6. Get your accumulated questions answered.

The Divorce Consultation & Strategy Session can be in person, by phone, or through video-conference. You can view our different consultation options  and schedule your consultation online by clicking this link.

Given the value provided, and the attorney time involved with dedicating the time to prepare for and attend the meeting, there is a no-risk fixed charge of $100.00-$900.00 for the Divorce Consultation & Strategy Session, with the price varying depending on the length of the meeting and the attorney handling the session.

These meetings come with a satisfaction guarantee. You do not have to pay for the consultation if you feel for any reason that the meeting was not helpful to you.

To schedule your Divorce Consultation & Strategy Session, click this link or call/text our business line at (561) 810-0170.  Once the session is scheduled, you will be contacted about providing certain information about your background, family, and finances in advance so that our team can be prepared to intelligently discuss your unique situation when the consultation begins.

Our divorce lawyers in West Palm Beach are only licensed to practice law only in Florida.  If your divorce will not be in Florida, the Divorce Consultation & Strategy Session will be a “divorce coaching session” and will need to be limited to items 1 & 2 above and will not replace your need to consult with an attorney licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction before you take further legal action.

To schedule your Divorce Consultation & Strategy Session, click this link or call/text (561) 810-0170, or fill out the form below.