Divorce Court Process and Timing

This is Step #4 in the process of your divorce strategy education.

The development of your Best Divorce strategy cannot take place in a vacuum. For your Best Divorce strategy to be realistic and effective, it must be designed after taking into account the procedural stages of your divorce once it starts in the divorce court system, and the timing of those stages.

Although your divorce court process may be designed to avoid litigation, it is important at this point to have a general idea of what will likely happen through the court system if your case is not resolved quickly.

You Don’t Have to Know Everything

Entire books have been written about the process and procedure of divorce litigation. Those books are useful to the lawyers, but can be overwhelming and confusing to everyone else. 

Frankly, there is no need for you to memorize or even try to understand the rules of procedure. To save you this unnecessary “pleasure.” As with learning the basics of divorce laws, you just need a general understanding of what is important. You don’t need to be an expert.

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