Mary K. Muniz

Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Mary Muniz

Born and raised in Palm Beach County, I cherish my deep community roots. My personal journey, shaped by the challenges of my parents’ divorce during my middle school years, fuels my passion for advocating on behalf of children facing similar circumstances.

My upbringing was filled with fond memories reading in the mango tree, zipping around on my scooter, and savoring delicious Cuban cuisine at my Abuelita’s home in West Palm Beach. During my adolescence, I enjoyed exploring Peanut Island and wandering around what was once Cityplace with my high school sweetheart, who is now my husband.

Inspired by my sisters’ experiences at the University of Florida, I decided to follow suit, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Journalism. My heart still bleeds orange and blue. My years of experience crafting and delivering persuasive arguments during discussions with my mother paid off when I gained admission to William & Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia. The vibrant school traditions and historic charm of Colonial Williamsburg almost made me forget the rigor of law school. Despite my demanding academic workload, I remained committed to extracurriculars, serving as an officer of the Latino Law Student Association, performing as a second soprano in Law Cappella, participating in the Special Education Law Advocacy Clinic, and volunteering to teach local elementary school children how to read.

Following graduation, I relocated to Connecticut to join my husband. In 2018, I became a licensed Connecticut attorney and embarked on my legal career as a clerk in the local courthouse. I clerked various dockets, including family, civil, housing, restraining orders, and civil protection orders, and gained invaluable experience in a range of hearings and trials. My transfer to the civil courthouse in downtown Hartford in late 2019 led me to assume responsibility for the small claims docket and realize my true calling in family law. Although I enjoyed the work, I missed making a meaningful impact on families facing legal challenges.

In May 2020, my husband and I adopted a Great Dane mix, and in April 2021, we welcomed our first son. Although New England held a special place in our hearts, we decided to return home to Palm Beach County in November 2022. In September 2023, I officially became a licensed attorney in Florida and proudly joined Bruce Law Firm.

My homecoming to family law in my home state has been a fulfilling journey. As my family expands with the anticipation of our second son’s arrival in February 2024, I am profoundly grateful for our supportive “village.”

My ultimate professional goal is to guide my clients in realizing their post-divorce aspirations. Having experienced firsthand the significance of a dependable support system, I am dedicated to assisting my clients in finding their own “villages.” I am committed to helping them lead peaceful and enriching lives that enable them to achieve their fullest potential.