12 Traits of a Narcissist & How it Affects a Marriage

A marriage is successful when both partners have their spouse’s best intentions at heart. However, some individuals only care about themselves and their own well-being. This form of selfishness is one of the 12 traits of a narcissist. In addition, narcissists possess a variety of harmful characteristics that can severely worsen a marriage. In this article, we will explain telltale signs of a narcissist and how you can deal with them.

What are the Common Traits of a Narcissistic Spouse?

There are common signs of a narcissistic spouse that you should be aware of. With this information, you can protect yourself from harmful individuals who do not truly care about you. Let’s take a closer look.

1. They are Manipulators
To start, narcissistic spouses are manipulators. They will engage in gaslighting as a way to dispel your issues and concerns. In addition, they will twist your words and make you feel like the bad guy.

2. They Isolate You From Friends and Family
Furthermore, they will try to limit your contact and communication with friends and family. Understandably, people who actually care about you will try to intervene and help. So, to prevent that, narcissists will try to stop you from seeing them.

3. They Do Not Value Your Feelings
Moreover, narcissists will never value your feelings, often ignoring your concerns. Any physical or emotional need you have will not be as important as theirs.

4. They Lower Your Self-Esteem
In addition, they will do their best to diminish your self-esteem. Narcissists will constantly belittle and undermine you. In turn, you will feel “grateful” that they chose to stay in a relationship with you.

5. They Always Make You Feel Worried or Nervous
Marriage with a narcissistic spouse can feel quite uneasy. Often, it can feel like walking on thin ice. Every small action can have big reactions and consequences. You may never feel completely comfortable when you are with them.

6. They Will Not Communicate
Narcissists do not have healthy communication styles. Instead of having meaningful conversations, they will start playing the “blame game.” Furthermore, they may try to elicit a reaction from you through criticism or insults.

Additional Traits and How to Deal With a Narcissistic Spouse

Dealing with a narcissistic spouse can be quite difficult. However, it is still possible. First, your spouse must genuinely recognize their harmful traits and actively work to correct them. If not, there may be no point of reconciliation. Here are a few more traits to be aware of.

7. They Will Never Accept Responsibility
To continue, narcissists refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. In their minds, they can do and have done nothing wrong. This ties back to their propensity to play the victim.

8. They Always Put the Blame on You
In addition to not accepting responsibility, they cast the blame upon you. They will make you believe that everything is your fault.

9. They Will Give the Silent Treatment
Moreover, another terrible tactic narcissists implement is the silent treatment. They know that they have power. So, by refusing to speak, you are more likely to listen to them and fall under control.

10. There Are No Boundaries
Furthermore, narcissists do not have healthy boundaries. They do not want you to be an independent person with hobbies or interests.

11. They Are Never Happy
Typically, narcissists are never happy in a relationship. There is always something they are upset about, and it is your fault. This is another strategy they use to change your behavior and personality.

12. They Refuse to Fix or Change Their Behavior
Finally, a narcissistic spouse will refuse to change their ways. Regardless of your pleas, they continue to be the same person.

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