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Our practice is selective. We help women regain their freedom from controlling or narcissistic husbands including the following circumstances:
The firm’s primary goal is to help move you from the situation you’re in now to complete freedom on the other end of the process. We get those results for our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. When in a client’s best interest, the firm works to resolve matters through early negotiation and alternative dispute resolution options. However, we are divorce litigators, and believe that in many instances, the optimal and shortest path to favorably resolving complex family disputes with difficult people involves strategic, resolution-focused litigation.
We focus on representing clients in southeast Florida from Vero Beach south to Miami, including in West Palm Beach, Wellington and serving surrounding areas. We help our mostly female clients through all stages of the divorce process, including from predivorce planning through trial and also appeals in Florida’s appellate courts.
Our firm differs from most others in that we are confident enough in our experience, systems, and technology to handle complex litigation matters through fixed pricing arrangements.
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Ashely Bruce

I got my start in divorce as a family lawyer in West Palm Beach from my mom, Bernice Alden Dillman, who practiced divorce and family law for over thirty years in Boca Raton.  I often witnessed clients walk into her office on the first day, distraught, insecure, and upset, and watched them blossom into being more confident, secure, and their knowing that a better life was ahead. Hard decisions now sometimes are the best decisions for the long term. Watching my mom guide clients through this transformation helped me realize that I, too, wanted to help clients grow and have a better life.

Christopher Bruce

I am a Marital & Family Law Specialist (Florida Bar Board Certified). My law practice for nearly my entire legal career has been focused on representing clients through complicated divorce, alimony, and child custody cases in West Palm Beach and the surrounding South Florida area. Typically, when I am involved there is the need to confront a difficult or intimidating person, an important long-term support claim, business valuation or asset tracing issue, or a serious issue involving children.

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