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Our practice is selective, and our clientele is typically limited to those with divorce or family court matters involving business valuation and tracing issues, the need to confront a difficult or intimidating person, the prosecution and defense of important long-term support claims, or serious issues involving children, thus needing a family law attorney.

The firm’s goal is to obtain sensible and desirous results for our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. When in a client’s best interest, the firm works to resolve matters through early negotiation and alternative dispute resolution options.

However, we are divorce litigators, and believe that in many instances, the optimal and shortest path to favorably resolving complex family disputes with difficult people involves strategic, resolution-focused litigation.

Being the best family law attorney in West Palm Beach, we represent clients through all stages of this process, including through trial, and in Florida’s appellate courts.

Our firm differs from most others in that we are confident enough in our experience, systems, and technology to handle complex litigation matters through fixed pricing arrangements. While the best family law Attorney firm handles matters on an hourly billing basis, through our value-based litigation pricing options the uncertainty involved with your divorce does not have to include the cost of your legal representation.

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Our Dedicated Team:

Divorce Attorney Liana M. Carrozza

Divorce Attorney Rosalie M. Cruz

Divorce Attorney Charles J. Thompson

Divorce Attorney Sarina M. Alba

Divorce Attorney Ashley D. Bruce

Divorce Attorney Christopher R. Bruce