Zak Martinez, Esq.

Zak Martinez, Esq.

Like many Floridians, I am not from here.  Originally born and raised in and around Dallas, Texas, I now call West Palm Beach my home.  Both of my parents were police detectives, and as you can imagine, this kept me in line and on the right path.  Seeing what my parents did spurred me to attend law school to study criminal law.  But with my first taste of  family law practice, I was hooked.  Helping clients overcome many problems that are solvable with the right perspective and pressure, and also improving their lives, is just part of what makes my practice so enjoyable.  Now, practicing family law is second nature to me, especially since I have practiced family law since I graduated from law school.

For college, I attended Southern Methodist University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Religion. After college, I studied law at Texas A&M University School of Law in Fort Worth, Texas. While in law school, my peers selected me to serve as a Public Service Law Fellow where I completed hundreds of hours of pro bono public service work at the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office in California. This experience was humbling and gave me the chance to help those in great need.  Public service has always been a passion, and so I was also selected to serve on the Board of the Fellowship at my law school, where I participated in planning fundraising events, and encouraging other law students to participate in pro bono public service work.

In addition to public service work, I also know victim advocacy well.  During the summer after my second year, I was selected as a specialized intern for the family violence unit at the Rockwall County District Attorney’s Office in my hometown of Rockwall, Texas.  Helping victims of domestic violence during my time with the District Attorney’s office has greatly helped my work with victims in domestic violence situations, today.

In addition to being admitted to practice law in Florida, I have gained recognition to practice law in Texas, Colorado, and Utah. Prior to joining Bruce Law Firm, I practiced at a boutique law firm in Dallas, Duffee + Eitzen, LLP, exclusively handling high end and highly disputed family law cases. I am now happy to be continuing my family law practice with the attorneys of Bruce Law Firm, and serving the South Florida region.

Outside of work, I love to travel and spend time with my family, especially my sister, a student studying biology at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.