Keep Quiet: Don’t Let Him Know What You’re Planning

Step five, as you think about getting divorced from a difficult or narcissistic husband is you need to understand how to keep quiet. Do not allow your husband to think that you’re filing for divorce before you are locked, loaded, and ready to go.

If you tip him off to what you are planning, and he believes you, he’s going to resort to all of his worst qualities and go into a defensive mode and manipulate you until the timing for divorce is right for him.  I see this all the time and it never ends well.   

When contemplating divorce from a husband like yours, it’s going to be challenging enough just with dealing with him. You don’t want him to have an opportunity to make the case more complicated than it needs to be by finding out from you now, before you are ready, that you’re thinking about divorcing him.

Instead, you have to take the time to make the decision that divorce is the correct decision. See the therapist and do the things we’ve talked about so far. But otherwise keep your lips sealed. Keep quiet. Get ready, get organized, go get to a lawyer and the lawyer will handle how your husband finds out (more on all of this to come- keep reading).  Don’t worry, there are plenty of things for you to be doing right now but telling your husband what you are thinking about doing or planning to do is not one of them!