Learn Divorce Law Basics

This is Step #3 in the process of your divorce strategy education.

Like it or not, you are living in a nation “built upon the rule of law.” This means that you need to develop a Best Divorce strategy that takes into account the laws that will govern your divorce if you want to have the Best Divorce possible.

You are setting yourself up for failure if you fail to educate yourself about divorce law basics. Doing so is the equivalent of taking a medication without knowing its side effects or planning a once in a lifetime vacation without looking at a map to see if there is a road, boat, or jet that can get you where you want to go. I doubt you’ve ever made important life choices without regard to the potential outcomes or any analysis as to whether your goals are possible. Your divorce should be no different.

You Don’t Have to Know Everything

You can skip learning 99.99% of what lawyers study in law school and at this point just focus on the basics of what will be relevant to your divorce. I say the divorce law basics, because right now, all you should be doing is obtaining a general education about how the law works as you begin to develop your Best Divorce strategy.

Down the line, once you have learned the basics about the law, there will be a time for you meet with a lawyer and develop an in-depth understanding of any subtle intricacies in the law applicable to your specific situation. However, in many instances, there is not going to be a novel legal issue involved with your divorce case.

Most of the disagreements, if any, will likely involve tussles over establishing facts (such as the value of an asset or the amount of someone’s actual or potential income). As such, your devotion to learning all of the details of the law that competent divorce lawyers spend years acquiring is going to likely be overwhelming, mind-numbing, and not worth any incremental benefit justifying the effort. If you would like more information and a complete Florida divorce law overview click here.

In the next lesson of your divorce strategy education we cover learning what is important about the divorce court process and timing of events in your divorce.

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