Maria S. Rivera, Esq.

I am a true Florida native. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I am the daughter of immigrants who strived to achieve the American Dream and who have accomplished it. I have always believed that you must be perseverant in accomplishing what you want and overcoming challenges. When I am not helping clients, I enjoy spending time with my family, which includes my 9 month old daughter and our cat, Suca, going to the beach, enjoying barbeques, and going to the park. Spending time family is very important to me as I come from a tight family unit.  As an attorney, I fight for my client’s familial rights and their children’s rights. Zealously fighting for my clients and helping them every step of the way during a difficult process  makes me feel passionate about being a family attorney. It feels good to establish a connection with my clients and know that they rely on me in helping maintain their peace of mind and overcome the challenges that come with custody and divorce.  It is truly rewarding.

Education & Prior Affiliations

After I graduated law school I began working with a law firm in Coral Gables doing a variety of legal work.  Within a few months of passing the bar, I opened up my own practice which included a heavy amount of divorce and family law. This helped me gain more experience in the practice of law as well as the business of law. I continued to develop more of a passion for family law when I assisted a client in regaining custody of his child after the former wife had abandoned the family. Seeing that client reunite with his daughter in court was priceless and truly inspirational. In addition to having my own law practice, I have practiced law with other experienced family attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I now have the pleasure of working with Divorce Attorney Rosalie M. Cruz J. ThompsonDivorce Attorney Liana M. Carrozza, Divorce Attorney Ashley Dillman Bruce, Divorce Attorney Sarina M. Alba, and Divorce Attorney Christopher R. Bruce, and an exceptional paralegal and client services team.